Boys Life

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Although this magazine is aimed for boy scouts, boys who love the outdoors and are looking for something that appeal to their interest will enjoy this magazine. Each issue contains featured articles, comics, experiments, and an “Ask Anything” section where readers can get advice about life, school, friends, and family. Moreover, there are special highlights on current trends (cars, sports, camping, etc.), video games, and troop recognitions. In addition to these sections, there are articles that feature products that will assist all boys with deals on camping gear, uniforms, and gear, which can be found throughout the magazine and the “Tradin’ Post” section. Furthermore, there is an additional resource that lists schools and camps where boys can go on adventures and perfect their survival skills and make new friends.

Another great aspect of this magazine is the variety of comics that appeal to nonreaders, especially the comics that discuss safety procedures. Each issue contains a section called the “Scout Program” that assists scouts with their merit badges. In these articles, are different experiments, procedures, and ideas that will help scouts achieve specific badges without spending a fortune or require months of planning. Unlike other commercial magazines for ‘tweens, Boys Life focuses on helping others, becoming a better person, and learning about different things every day, which makes this an instant favorite for both boys and parents.

Target Age Group

Ages 9 & up

Monthly Features

  • Outdoor Activities
  • Scout Program: Earning the next merit badge
  • Trends that appeal to boys
  • Stories & Comics


Boys Life is aimed for boys who are interested in Boy Scouts or the outdoors. There are great resources and activities that can help boys earn the next merit badge or inspire others to get involved with helping others and enjoy being active.

Subscription Information

Published by: Boy Scouts of America
Subscription Cost: $24.00/year
Number of issues in a subscription: 12