J-14. Hamburg: Bauer Media Group. October 2010. Print
In print since 2000.



J-14 stands for “Just For Teens.” That is a very clever way to advertise to children but this magazine is more than just for teens. It appeals to tweens as well. This magazine was first published in January 2000. This magazine is full of what tweens love; posters and glossy pages. This magazine is full of celebrity gossip, posters, beauty, fashion and other popular topics that come up over the months and years.

The issues of J-14 are filled with gossip about celebrities and even more photographs of them. This magazine is recommended to girls ages 9 to 16. Many popular stars are pictured in the magazine and they have insightful articles that will get children reading. Some of the articles have risqué names and contents but mostly the magazine is suitable for tweens. It can be compared to the popular tabloids today with information that is best kept quite. But like those magazines the private lives of the stars are public. Some material is too mature for younger tweens but are things that they have seen on television and movies already.

There are added bonuses in every issue. I have never seen a magazine include temporary tattoos before but this one does. It may not be the best for a library but it is definitely a seller when it comes to tweens.

Target Age Group

Ages 9 - 16

Monthly Features

  • This Just In!
  • Scene Everywhere
  • Just Like You
  • J-14 Investigates
  • Who Wore it Better?
  • Embarrassing Moments
  • Real Life


This magazine is marketed towards tween that are interested in celebrities and that don't normally read much. This magazine can be a gateway for tween girls to start reading more of the novels that are advertised in the magazine.