Popstar. Orlando: Popstar! Publishing, LLC. November 2010. Print
In print since 1998.



Popstar! Magazine was first published on October 15, 1998. It is a very popular girl’s magazine that targets the tween/teen age group from 8 to 16. This magazine is a great choice for children that like new trends and popular stars. This magazine not only has profiles and posters of popular stars but they also introduce new and upcoming stars that they feel will be big in the near future.

Gossip is also big in this magazine. They prove rumors wrong and reiterate the stories that are out in the news about stars. They also have exclusive interviews the stars when they get breaking news straight from their mouths.

The editors really do a great job every month to keep sex out of the issues. Since the magazine is geared towards younger girls they don’t put any advice columns or question and answer sections that deal with sex. Instead they fill the pages with stars and their pets, vacations, houses and more.

Popstar! has very few ads and many exclusive interviews and photographs that can be found anywhere else. There is a section that covers the months hottest CD’s, artists, books, television shows and movies. This is a one stop shop for tween that are interested in everything popular.

Target Age Group

Ages 8 - 16

Monthly Features

  • Contests
  • Out & About
  • From the Source
  • Overhead
  • Questionable?
  • First Look
  • Love it/Hate it
  • Speak Out


Popstar is marketed towards tweens that don't normally read and that are interested in celebrities.