Seventeen. New York: Hearst Corporation. November 2010. Print
In print since 1944.



Seventeen Magazine is an excellent magazine for tweens. The magazine was started in 1944 and has been at the forefront of newsstand popularity for a very long time. This magazine is on the boarder of tweens and teen age group. I suggest this magazine for girls anywhere from 10 years old to early twenty’s. There are pages that appeal mostly to young girls but then there are articles that speak to women.

There are a few main sections that are in every issue that are worth noting. The sex articles are very informative. They speak to the experienced and the non-experienced. There are tips on how to make it better in bed and tips on how to talk to parents about having sex. I think that the sexual articles are a great addition because there is a lot of peer pressure now-a-days and to hear professional advice is a major plus in any magazine.
The health section teaches young girls that it is not healthy to be super skinny. Instead it teaches them how to eat right and how to stay fit and lose weight the natural way by eating what is good for the body and exercising. In many of the issues there are even easy exercises that one can do in the comfort of their own home. No gym membership is needed to lift weights and use a medicine ball. Even though the magazine is covered in stick thin models this section teaches girls to love their body and to have a better self image of themselves.

Fashion is very important in Seventeen Magazine. There are many ads for different fashion houses and articles on how to look the best in different outfits. Many of the ads are for outfits that many tweens and even adults wouldn’t be able to afford but there are many sections that show popular trends at affordable prices. Their fashion tips can make any girl look her best in age appropriate attire.

There are also sections for fun. These sections are geared towards all the age ranges that the magazine covers. The real life section may be read by the older crowd and the embarrassing moments will be read by the younger ones that want a laugh. For the ones that need a little organization this magazine offers that as well. Many different tips and tricks are offered in the magazine every month.

Seventeen Magazine is a great place to start tweens interested in reading. Young girls may pick up a magazine at their age but at least they are reading something instead of staring at the television. And reading a magazine that is packed with information may lead then to reading novels.

Target Age Group

Ages 10 - 22

Monthly Features

  • Celebrity Interviews
  • Hairstyles for School
  • Quizzes
  • Teen Fashion Ideas
  • Love Life Guides


Seventeen Magazine is marketed towards tweens and teens that are into fashion, beauty and popular celebrities. Seventeen is a trendy magazine meant for trendy girls.