Magazines for Tweens

Welcome, Professor Harlan and LIBR 264 classmates!

In this site, you will find a variety of magazines that are suitable for tweens, ages 8-14, which provide the 'tween community with many options to choose from as they take a break from studying or would rather stare at glossy pictures and intriguing articles. Magazines are a great way to promote literacy since they are cheap, relevant to 'tweens interests, and a smart, and sneaky, way to get the most reluctant reader to actually read.

We have divided up these 'zines into groups that appeal to boys, girls, and/or both. Reluctance to read does not discriminate so by providing a list the appeals to one or both genders is an easy way to build a comprehensive collection. Given the variety of subjects that 'tweens can read about, we have decided to use tags, which separate the collection by topics such as fashion, sports, entertainment, education, current events, science, humor, and much more! In order to provide 'tweens with a well-rounded collection, we utilized the following criteria:

  • In-Print
  • Good quality and/or high interest
  • Long shelf life or staying power
  • Appropriateness (age)
  • Award Winning (if applicable)

With the many, many types of magazines for 'tweens, it was difficult to narrow this list down since there is no "official" review journal or magazine like the professional resources we use for book selection (i.e., School Library Journal, Publisher's Weekly, Booklist, etc.) Moreover, along with these great titles, there are a plethora of awful magazines that one must get through to find the good stuff. However, with a few visits to the library, bookstores, news stands, internet surfing, and talking with 'tweens, we can find the perfect 'zines that will fit nicely in our collections.