Teen Vogue

Teen Vogue. New York: Conde Nast Digital. October/November 2010. Print
In print since 2003.



Teen Vogue is the “daughter” magazine to the woman’s magazine Vogue. It was started in 2003 and has many of the same concepts as Vogue but that are geared towards tweens and teens. The ads still advertise clothes that are too expensive for the average young person but they are done with taste and a very popular eye.

The magazine is mainly about fashion. It appeals to young girls between the ages of 10 to 18, sometimes even older girls like this magazine because of its fashion. The ads may be for designer houses that cost a lot of money but many of the readers just look at the fashions and get inspired to find the same style of clothing at cheaper stores. There are knock-offs everywhere and many of the cheaper fashion houses get their inspiration from the designers that are featured in these magazines.

The articles in Teen Vogue are thoughtful and not full of “fluff” like other teen magazines. They have many articles that appeal to younger people because they are happening in their lives at the moment (e.g. “The Truth About Crystal Meth,” “I Was Being Bullied Online”). Other articles talk about fashion, beauty and even celebrities. Usually there is a celebrity on the cover of the magazine and inside there is an article with an exclusive interview and photographs.

The magazine is smaller than its competition so that it can fit in the hands of the younger people but the main reason is so it can be held at the cash register in the smaller digest spots. It is marketed well because of its sister publication and because they share part of a name and the long standing brand. Consumers know what they are getting when they pick up Teen Vogue since the parent magazine has done so well over the years.

Target Age Group

Ages 10 - 18

Monthly Features

  • Hit or Miss
  • Who Wore it Better?
  • Trend Report
  • Horoscopes
  • My World
  • People Watching
  • Girl of the Moment
  • Gotta Have It
  • Dream Team
  • Magic Touch


This magazine is marketed towards tweens and teens that make fashion their life. The magazine is filled with ads that give many tweens and teens inspiration for the wardrobes.