Thrasher Magazine

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Burnett, M. (2010, September). The Leo Romero Thrasher Interview. Thrasher Magazine, 132-151

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'Tween, and teen, boys who prefer to be outside, skating, will definitely enjoy Thrasher magazine. Thrasher is perfect for those who enjoy reading about the skating greats as well as look for the latest skating gear and gazing at some of the tricks and moves from skating professionals. The magazine is all full of posters pull-out posters for young enthusiast to either hang up on their wall or help them perfect their skills simply by observing body positions to achieve the right momentum to accomplish certain moves.

Thrasher contains feature articles and editorials from the many departments at Thrasher that revolve around skating competitions, festivals, interviews with popular skaters, advice columns (that are ridiculous and funny), music spotlights, fashion trends, and lots of advertising and promotion. In many ways, this magazine is the “Vogue” for ‘tween and teens boys where most of the attention is focused on the advertising vs. the articles. However, for then reluctant readers, this magazine provides plenty of stuff to look at and stories that will definitely appeal to the person without overwhelming them.

Target Age Group

Ages 12 & up

Monthly Features

  • Interviews with professional skaters
  • Skating tournaments and festivals
  • Skating tips and tricks
  • Fashion & music advice
  • Loads of photographs with skaters in the air
  • Healthy dose of male sarcasm and ridiculousness


Skating and x-game fans will equally love the photos and the articles in this magazine since they don't hold back any details (in the photos and the articles). This 'zine will definitely reach out to the super-cool, tough guy who rather be buried alive then read.

Subscription Information

Published by: High Speed Productions
Subscription Cost: $17.95/year
Number of issues in a subscription: 12